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Get to know the 8 promising scaleups joining our Cohort #2!


AI & Machine Learning

Automaise Support Genius is a suite of products built to radically optimize customer service operations. Automaise Support Genius is omni-present across the life cycle of a customer request, from deflecting low to mid-complexity support requests to highly improving agent handling times, delivering efficiency gains across operations north of 50%. Leveraging on state-of-the-art technologies such as GPT & other forms of AI and, an advanced no-code workflow studio, we empower businesses with the right set of tools to autonomously build tailored solutions to optimize their operations.



Didimo is the leading creator of high-fidelity 3D digital characters. With a 4-time patented, generative AI technology platform, Didimo can quickly generate high-fidelity, fully animatable, and customizable digital characters for use in any digital touchpoint or experience. This breakthrough technology empowers game titles, metaverses and retailers to populate their immersive experiences in minutes rather than months and save up to 80% of traditional character costs. Didimo’s mission is to bring the richness of human engagement to every digital interaction.



MediaProbe is building the next currency for media emotional impact. Our platform captures emotional responses to media through proprietary biometric sensors distributed to thousands of panelists in their homes. We combine remote sensing and machine learning to deliver the most accurate set of media impact metrics to an industry eager for better measures of impression quality. Our clients include some of the world’s biggest broadcasters, rights holders and brands, who use our metrics to go beyond legacy currency measures - such as audience ratings -, and can now understand and act upon the actual reactions of consumers to media content.



As the world faces an unprecedented challenge to meet the rapidly growing demand for protein, MicroHarvest is challenging the boundaries to provide the sustainable protein ingredients of the future. Through our cutting-edge technologies and motivated teams, we harness the power of nature’s best protein factories: microorganisms. Our ambition is to produce nutritious, sustainable proteins to achieve the resilient food system of tomorrow – driving the impact of today. MicroHarvest understands the needs of food, feed and pet food manufacturers and meets their requirements with a Smaller, Better, Faster solution.



proGrow is a platform that converts any equipment or workstation online. With state-of-the-art IoT connectivity and data analytics, proGrow is a web platform dedicated to industrial frontline operations. With real-time dashboards and automatic alerts, information spreads quickly and decisions are data-driven. Operational teams are empowered by dedicated workflows to take immediate actions and are guided by continuous improvement tools to improve their results. proGrow, producing more with less.



Rauva is Portugal's first business super-app that allows users to open a business account, make payments, send and track certified invoices, record expenses, and issue physical and virtual cards. The super-app is the only 100% digital solution offering an integrated and seamless experience for management needs such as accounting, bookkeeping, and invoicing. Rauva eliminates the need to engage with multiple providers or platforms, making entrepreneurship easily accessible to anyone.



sheerME is a wellness services marketplace tailored to meet the needs of consumers. Access to online bookings and payments should be seamless for everyone. Currently, the available technology options for this industry are focused on solving merchants' problems rather than enhancing the consumer experience. sheerME provides access to online bookings and payments through an app and integrations with platforms such as Google, META, and Glovo, making it easy for consumers to book what they need, and with each booking, consumers earn benefits in a wallet that can be redeemed in future bookings.



Splink is a pioneering company dedicated to connecting sports fans with their favorite clubs through immersive experiences and official collectibles. We strive to enhance connections between teams and supporters by offering a range of official, interactive collectibles that allow fans to showcase their support and preserve memories of their beloved players and clubs. We are a passionate team that believes in the power of sports to unite people and create lasting memories. By integrating Augmented Reality into our products, we gather real data that enables teams to monetize their fan base more efficiently.

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Foodtech / Retailtech

Bairro is a leading fulfillment operator that specializes in urban distribution for both quick commerce and e-commerce logistics. The company is focused on building the future of omni-channel distribution, enabling brands to offer next-day, same-day and express delivery across various sales channels. Bairro's goal is to help businesses streamline logistics, decrease costs and save time with its cutting-edge technology. The company is dedicated to providing efficient and eco-friendly services to the communities it serves.



HolyWally is the world’s first wallet-as-a-service platform that combines adaptability, rapid scalability, and optimized user experience. Creating a mobile wallet for any organization has never been simpler. HolyWally is a B2B2C white-label digital wallet solution that incorporates a human-centric approach to design and usability, thereby allowing any business to give their customers the exceptional value and user experience they yearn for. HolyWally platform has a rich library of reusable web and mobile components allowing anyone to build and manage their digital wallet, which comes fully integrated with capabilities from the HolyWally network of stellar fintech partners.



Knok is a SaaS-oriented health tech startup enabling the digital transformation of healthcare. Indisputable market leader in Portugal, Knok has offices also in Brazil and clients in 12 countries of 4 continents. With Telemedicine at its core, the startup performed over 400.000 consultations and just in 2022 the total minutes of appointments performed was equivalent to 5.2 years. From initial triage and an AI symptoms checker to post-consultation automated follow up interactions, Knok collects insights from unlimited data sources along the patient journey to create digitally integrated therapeutics that allows the company to provenly improve people’s lives at a lower cost.



Leadzai is a customer acquisition platform that empowers businesses to grow online. We believe that the digital advertising market is falling short in helping companies secure a satisfactory return on their advertising investment, so it’s our mission to empower the next 200 million businesses to thrive effortlessly.


Cyber security

It's not enough to detect a cyberattack: you need to efficiently respond to it. Founded in 2022, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, ORNA is a turn-key cyber incident management solution that humanizes and de-stresses incident response and risk mitigation by automating the entire process and bringing InfoSec, IT, third parties, business, and even legal and HR stakeholders together in a single collaborative tool. With over 80 customers in its first year, ORNA Inc. delivers instant ROI & Best-in-Class Experience, cross-Functional AI-Enhanced Playbooks, and an incident Response Hub with 200+ integrations allowing for a fully integrated and modular approach to cyber security.



Pleez is a Portuguese food tech startup that helps restaurants to optimize their presence on Delivery platforms by making data informed decisions, and increasing their sales up to 15% (with 0 effort from the managers). Restaurants will find the definitive solution for managing their restaurant(s) on Delivery platforms, allowing restaurant managers to have a 360º view of the delivery market in real-time: Tools to track competition; Market trends and insights - follow delivery behaviour according to the season, location and category; Saving time on market analysis and managing menus - understand the impact changes had. In just one year, Pleez has 300 clients, a team of 35, and 22Mn GMV under management.


Retailtech / AI

Founded in 2017, Sensei is a Portuguese tech startup using computer vision, sensor fusion and AI to revolutionize retail with autonomous stores. In May 2021, they opened the first in Europe with leading Portuguese retailer, Sonae. Since then, they've successfully rolled out 7 solutions in Southern Europe and Brazil, expecting significant growth. Their unique offering of hyper-convenience solutions, including Autonomous Store, Pod, and Cabinet, makes them a leading player in the industry.



Zharta is a web3 DeFi company empowering the new capital market by providing a financial infrastructure to the metaverse. Zharta is creating liquidity in the NFT market by enabling instant non-custodial loans backed by NFT collateral. Zharta is eliminating bureaucracy in credit allocation, giving retail investors access to high-end assets via liquidity syndication, and creating capital efficiency by building fully automated lending pools.

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