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Innovation Summer School


Innovation Summer School is an immersive education programme, promoted by Unicorn Factory Lisboa, which aims at supporting the development of creative and problem solving capabilities and entrepreneurial experiences of students.

Innovation Summer School will focus on bringing together 3 components – Students, Educators and Executives – stakeholders with a high potential for impact in developing the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurial talent. For this purpose, we have gathered a very relevant range of partners and mentors, with recognized experience in these areas, in order to enhance the development of the talent of the future.

Article 1


The objectives of this initiative are:

  1. Support the development of students capabilities in problem solving;
  2. Collaboratively solve real-world problems that inform and support students’ career choices;
  3. Support the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Portugal by increasing the pool of talent;
  4. Provide youth with entrepreneurial experiences and mentorship earlier so that they will understand and believe that they have the skills and interest to participate in the entrepreneurial economy;

Article 2


  1. Individuals over the age of 14, of any nationality, who are high school students and interested in innovative solutions to real-world problems and entrepreneurship can apply for this initiative.

Article 3

Application Process

  1. Applications must be submitted using the application form available on the programme’s website page;
  2. The application period begins on May 8th, 2024 and continues until July 7;
  3. The organisation reserves the right to unilaterally and by notice published on the program website, change the deadline for submission of applications;
  4. The organization is not responsible for any loss or non-receipt of applications, even if it results from network interruptions, failures, or issues with the website used for sending applications;
  5. Each individual can only submit one application and must have approval of their parents or caregivers to submit an application;

Article 4

Assessment of the applications

  1. Applications will undergo a preliminary review to ensure they have been fully completed with no missing information;
  2. The applications that do not meet the conditions referred to in this article, or whose applications do not have sufficient information will be informed by email that their application has been denied;
  3. The evaluation is based on the information contained in the application form;
  4. After the preliminary analysis, an Invoice will be sent to students who have been accepted; to complete the application process the invoice must be paid in full within 10 days or the application may be denied;
  5. Completed applications are accepted on a first come first serve basis;
  6. Financial support will be available for individuals who currently are approved to receive support via Serviço de Ação Social Escolar (SASE); Up to 15 individuals (20% of the total) will be able to have their course fees waived;
  7. The jury reviewing applications will be composed of members of UnicornFactory Lisboa, partner entities and guests;
  8. The decision of the selection of the individuals will be communicated by e-mail;
  9. The organisation will make every effort to ensure the selection of at least 20 individuals for each bootcamp, however, the organisation cannot be held responsible if it is not possible to identify that number of candidates;

Article 5


  1. The immersive education programme is defined as a programme to support the introduction to applied entrepreneurship and problem solving, framing problems, developing solutions and presenting solutions to decision making executives;
  2. The final projects will be presented to executives of the companies that provide the real world challenges;
  3. The educational program will be conducted in English and Portuguese, depending on the chosen bootcamp;
  4. The education programme will be conducted in-person and face-to-face participation is mandatory;
  5. The programme includes: innovation and entrepreneurial workshops, team activities, mentoring sessions, inspirational talks and a final public presentation of the solutions;
  6. The programme will include lunch at no additional cost;
  7. The program will have three editions: the first will take place from June 17-28, the second from July 1-12, and the third from July 15-26. The schedule for all editions will be from 9 am to 5:30 pm, on working days only.

Article 6

Final Presentations

  1. Final presentation of the students work will take place on the last day of each bootcamp;
  2. The Final Presentation consists of a presentation of each team solution, through a pitch with a maximum duration to be decided in due course. The presentation will be supported by digital means or others that the promoters consider appropriate, and will be made in a face-to-face format. 
  3. The winning project(s) will be selected considering the following criteria:

    – Quality of the solution to solve the problem presented
    – Feasibility of the idea presented
    – Potential impact of the idea
    – Potential for growth and/or scalability 

  4. The selection of the winners will be made by a jury that will be composed of members of Unicorn Factory Lisboa, programme partners and guests

Article 7

General Conditions for Participation 

  1. Programme is responsible for supplying all the information and content to the Participants;
  2. Participants must always act in a cordial manner and with respect, in particular for the Rules and procedures of operation, programming and security of the organisation and Partners; 
  3. Inappropriate or abusive behaviour, including the use of obscene language, will not be tolerated;
  4. The organisation reserves the right to exclude any Participant who, during the Initiative, does not respect the Rules set out in this document or who does not participate in the initiatives planned for the Programme.

Article 8


  • Full Reimbursement: students who withdraw from the program at least ten (10) working days before the program start date are eligible for a full (100%) reimbursement of their fees.

  • Partial Reimbursement: students who withdraw from the program five (5) working days before the program start date are eligible for a partial (50%) reimbursement of their fees.

  • No Reimbursement: students who withdraw from the program less than four (4) working days before the program start date are not eligible for any reimbursement of their fees.

Article 9


  1. There are currently no monetary prizes to be awarded to the winners. 

Article 10


The parties agree to keep confidential all information they access under this initiative, including intellectual and industrial property, even after the initiative ends. Disclosure is permitted only when strictly necessary for the execution of the initiative or for the dissemination and promotion of the program.

Article 11

Intellectual Property

  1. The promoters grant the organisation permission to use non-confidential information, in its promotion and marketing activity;
  2. The organisation of this initiative cannot be held responsible for any intellectual property infringement, misuse or plagiarism by another candidate promoter or by another external member.

Article 12

Data protection

The protection of our users’ privacy and personal data is of great importance to Unicorn Factory Lisboa. By applying to the Programme, by filling in the application form, you are accepting Unicorn Factory Lisboa’s Privacy Policy which can be found here:

Article 13

Final Dispositions

  1. The organisation reserves the right to change the present Rules, informing the individuals who apply/participate in any of the categories and their parents;
  2. Situations not contemplated in these Rules will be duly analyzed and defined by the organisation
  3. Participation in the Programme implies the express acceptance of the terms and conditions of this regulation.