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Other Programs

Pay Tech on the Go

Acceleration program for startups developing innovative payment and mobility solutions that contribute to transforming the way we travel, simplifying, increasing efficiency and improving the payment experience in the tourism sector.

Partners: NEST and Mastercard

Future Innovators

The Future Innovators Program aims to bring innovation and the entrepreneurship ecosystem as a whole to university students in Portugal.
Built through three phases, the program provides the necessary tools to young entrepreneurs so that they can more quickly embark on their journey of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Clean Future

A 10-week acceleration program to support startups developing technological solutions to promote sustainability in the construction, mobility, and retail sectors.

Partners: Delloite as Knowledge Partner, CTT as Strategic Partner, Mota-Engil, EMEL and GS1 Portugal as Category Partners

Stay tuned for the next edition!

From Start-to-Table

A 9-week acceleration program for innovative projects in the restaurant and foodtech ecosystem.

Stay tuned for the next edition!

Lisboa Innovation for All

The Lisbon City Council Social Innovation Award, organized by the Unicorn Factory Lisboa, to find and support innovative and impactful solutions that can be put into practice in the city of Lisbon.

Net Zero Health Systems

Acceleration program for HealthTech startups that develop solutions that contribute to decarbonizing the health sector, making health systems more sustainable.

Partners: Astrazeneca and A.Catalyst Network